Sharpening puck, 360 diamond/ceramic

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The sharpening puck is a compact and easy-to-use sharpening device that is used primarily for larger knives and garden tools such as axes, machetes, spades and hoes. The grinding surface is simply moved in a circle over the cutting edge. The abrasive pucks each have two sides in different grit sizes. The silica gel shells, which hold the pucks snugly, are used for storage and transport. As a single half, they can be used as a non-slip handle during the sanding process. We offer two differently configured pucks.
This puck carries a 360 grit abrasive surface coated with industrial diamond on one plastic core and an abrasive surface made of technical ceramic with maximum fineness on the other. Both sides are suitable for wet and dry grinding. The diameter of the two grinding surfaces is 6 cm each.

Sheath Kumm
Grit 360/keraamiline
Sharpening surface ⌀60 mm
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