Roselli Carpenter's knife

SKU: R110
72,22 €

A traditional whittling knife with a blade made from forged, W75 carbon steel and a birch handle coated with linseed oil. The Carpenter knife stays firmly in your grip even when wet and is suited for all kinds of work. The Carpenter knife comes with a simplistic, handcrafted sheath made from tanned leather. A very practical and simple Roselli knife.

Steel W75
Hardness HRC 59-62
Blade length 85 mm
Blade thickness 3,5 mm
Grind Scandi
Total length 200 mm
Handle material Curly birch
Weight 69 g
Sheath Leather
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The Little Carpenter knife is suited for cutting and whittling, and it's also a great choice for a beginner or a child due to its blunt tip.

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A universal knife of a convenient size, made from Roselli's Wootz steel. The Carpenter knife is suited for whittling, cutting and DIY-work.

SKU: RW210 ,   Blade length: 85 mm ,   Handle material: Heat treated curly birch
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