Roselli axe, short handle

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Roselli's traditional Axe with a shorter handle, is an effective wood cutting tool, whether used while camping, hiking or at the summer cottage.

The wide blade angle prevents the axe from getting stuck, and in addition to chopping, it can be used for whittling as well. Comes with a simplistic, light vegetable tanned Finnish leather case to protect the edge and a practical loop which enables carrying in a belt or attaching to a backpack. The handle is made from birch and coated with linseed oil to ensure a firm grip, even when wet.

Crafted, sharpened and perfected by hand in Harmoinen, Finland.

Each product is unique. Patterns and texture of natural materials can vary.

Hardness HRC 60
Blade length 90 mm
Total length 350 mm
Handle material Birch
Sheath Leather
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